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Staff Augmentation

Maximize your team's potential to win

We help businesses overcome staff scaling challenges by providing experienced professionals to augment the in-house teams. We support projects at any stage of the software development and cloud services journey, from ideation to launch and beyond, across different domains and skills.

Scale your team on-demand

Staff Augmentation Skills

We can augment teams with following skills, providing the expertise you need to succeed whether it's for a specific project or on an ongoing basis.

Mockups & Prototypes

Experienced designers who can help you create a seamless user experience and assist with everything from user research to prototyping, using tools such as Sketch, Figma, Adobe Suite.

Software Development

We can work with you to design and implement solutions, and ensure highest quality across the technologies including React, Angular, C#, PHP, dotNet, iOS, Android etc.

Project Management

We can help you plan, organize, and execute your software and cloud projects and assist with everything from planning and resource allocation to risk management and communication.

Quality Assurance

Our QA experts ensure that your software and cloud environments are of the highest quality. We can assist with testing, debugging, and performance optimization.

Cloud Services

Our cloud engineers can extend your team's capabilities by bringing in relevant AWS, Azure and GCP expertise along with corresponding skills such as Terraform, Ansible, ARM and PowerShell.

Consulting & Advisory

Our consultants can provide expert advice and guidance on DevOps, software development and cloud-related matters including roadmaps and implementation plans.

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We specialize in collaborating with organizations globally to build products, improve software development and address technological and process challenges.

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