Companies get ahead of Competition when they Innovate!

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Domino’s Pizza has a new app out called Zero Click. As the name suggests, the app lets you order a pizza without a single click.

The Zero Click app, available on Android devices and iPhones, requires customers to do nothing more than start the app to order a pizza. The system is almost completely automated.
When first downloaded, the app prompts the user to input their information and save their favorite pizza. From then on, every time you open up the app, it’ll automatically place an order for that favorite pizza after a 10-second grace period.

The app is one of a number of digital tools at Domino’s. The company says more than half their orders in the U.S. originate online. . Globally, the company estimates it made $4.7 billion in digital sales last year.

In 2015, Domino’s saw a 12 percent increase in same-store sales. The company attributes sales growth to a turnaround strategy started in 2010, which included reinventing their pizza and technology improvements.

“We are thinking about doing all the things really well that a really good technology or e-commerce company is doing,” said Dennis Maloney, chief digital officer at Domino’s.

The company has a number of other digital channels: you can order a pizza via its website, Twitter emoji, smartwatch, smartphone, smart TV, or even the entertainment systems inside some Ford cars.

The Zero Click app is likely to attract Domino’s “power users,” Maloney said. Those are people who order often and have a favorite pizza stored on their online Domino’s profile.

But with its ease of use, the app also comes with at least some risk of error. If someone accidentally starts the app, Maloney said, “you can cancel it at any time just by swiping the app away.”

Actually, not quite any time. You’ll have 10 seconds to close the app, or your order goes through.



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