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Does Your Business Really Need A Mobile App?

No one seriously doubts that mobile is the future of the web. We crossed the point at which a business could blithely ignore mobile users a couple of years ago. Today, if you’re not mobile-friendly, you’re in trouble. But what does it mean to be mobile-friendly? There are two choices: native mobile apps or the

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Companies get ahead of Competition when they Innovate!

Domino’s Pizza has a new app out called Zero Click. As the name suggests, the app lets you order a pizza without a single click. The Zero Click app, available on Android devices and iPhones, requires customers to do nothing more than start the app to order a pizza. The system is almost completely automated.

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Why Instagram Worked

This is a really good article from founders of Instagram via Medium Summary Points: 1. On your first product don’t try to be everything to everyone. Build something compelling first, then iterate and appeal to a larger audience. 2. Build what people want…. not what you think they want! Here’s the article: Earlier this month

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How Long to build an App?

Most mobile applications we build are relatively complex and therefore take 12-18 weeks to build.  However, there are apps such as our restaurant solution where we can build for iOS and Android in as little as 4 weeks.  Proper planning, design and user testing take time, however, these steps always result in a high performance

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When you question why your Android app costs more to build then your iOS app….. here’s why!

  This chart says it all. When we design and develop for iOS we only have to design, develop and support for one main OS (iOS7) However, if a client comes to us and want’s us to build an Android app…. we have to support 3 OS’s  4.4,4.1 and 4.0   so can you understand

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